The 15th Cape Town Jazz Festival

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Photos by Armand Hough


Primping Swan Lake

Cape Town City Ballet is celebrating 80 years of dance in Cape Town and as part of the celebrations the most famous ballet of all time, Swan Lake, will be presented at The Artscape Theatre. Two star dancers from the Royal Ballet in London, Federico Bonelli will dance the role of Prince Siegfried and Hikaru Kobayashi the roles of Princess Odette and Princess Odile.

Swan Lake UCT_IAM6629


Swan Lake UCT_IAM7195

Swan Lake UCT_IAM6651

Swan Lake UCT_IAM7175

Swan Lake UCT_IAM7101

I was invited to photograph the two star dancers in rehearsal with the Cape Town City Ballet cast for Swan Lake prior to their performances on 19 and 20 April.

Photos by Armand Hough

The Fight for Anarchy

Residents of Khayelitsha’s informal settlement in the Cape Flats protested against poor services, burnt rubble and tyres and blocked roads leading into the city yesterday, warning motorists that their cars would be stoned if they didn’t turn back. The residents chanted and sang Struggle songs as they gathered at the N2, Baden Powell Drive, Borcherds Quarry, and the R300. The police kept a close eye on the protesters, arresting four in connection with public violence.
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3724
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3637
Baden Powell Protests_IAM36412
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3676
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3607
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3653
As the sky filled up with black plumes of smoke, a woman rolled another tyre on the burning pile and said to me “Now, we will block all the roads going to the CBD until they grant us permission to march in the city. We will not give up. We’ll fight for our rights.”
Photos by Armand Hough

Home Wreckers

Residents of Zilleraine Heights informal settlement near Grassy Park have complained of being held to ransom by the city of Cape Town, which demanded they demolish their shacks before they were given keys to free RDP houses. The residents were to be given formal houses during a housing handover at Pelican Park yesterday, but said the city ordered them to first demolish their shacks. Less than half of Zilleraine Heights residents started destroying their shacks as they chased the 3pm deadline which the city gave them. The majority of residents refused and said they had not been given any notice about destroying their shacks. Rachieda Matthews was one of many Zilleraine Heights residents told to destroy their shacks.

Rachieda Matthews Grassy Park Housing_IAM1968Grassy Park Housing_IAM2488Grassy Park Housing_IAM2016Grassy Park Housing_IAM1907Grassy Park Housing_IAM2538Brenden Greenfield Grassy Park Housing_IAM2289Grassy Park Housing_IAM2251

There is something dramatic and somewhat disturbing about someone tearing apart the roof over their head. The house that kept their children safe and dry. The scenes of destruction mirrored those of hit by hurricanes.

© Armand Hough

The Cape Laddermen

I am at the end of the line and my fate is certain.

I have fought the battle with the flames only to see them enraged

My duty was clear and my fate is left to the hand of god.

As I enter the fire to save some life I have met my match and will give my life

God has called for me to fight the never-ending blaze

I am but a single person full of life

And I have a family and a good life

My time was not determined until this day

I went into the fire to save a life as I would do again

Today I gave my life for everyone who may be inside

Today I went in a firefighter and came out a hero

Today I fought the final blaze and now I am at the side of god fighting the fires with everyone

Today we all fight together again

Author: by fire Chief Jeff A. Stricklin.

The Cape Laddermen 001 The Cape Laddermen 005 The Cape Laddermen 002 The Cape Laddermen 003 The Cape Laddermen 004 The Cape Laddermen 006 The Cape Laddermen 007 The Cape Laddermen 008 The Cape Laddermen 009 The Cape Laddermen 010

Thank you to the Fire and Rescue Services of Cape Town.

Photos by Armand Hough

Pointes and Pirouettes

The first final round of The South African International Ballet Competition took place earlier this week at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. This was the first time I got to shoot ballet. Come to think about it, it was the first time I ever went to see a ballet performance and I have to say that I found it surprisingly enjoyable. Especially if I have my cameras to keep me busy…

International Ballet Comp_IAM1204 International Ballet Comp_IAM1692 International Ballet Comp_IAM1852 International Ballet Comp_IAM1926 International Ballet Comp_IAM2000 International Ballet Comp_IAM1003 Cape Times 20140221


The combining contrast of subject and background puts the performers in a complementing light. The behind the scene warm-ups and preparation surrounding the stage gives the camera the opportunity to tell an insightful story. I just might have to attend the ballet more often.

Photos by Armand Hough

Never Give Up

Max Frei, 71 completed the 85km Cape Town Big Walk on Sunday in just over six hours. He has participated in the race for the last 10 years in his three wheeled wheelchair. About 20 years ago, the Swiss born South African lost the use of his legs after he had a fall, helping a friend with home repairs. Max and his wife, Vivienne run a small and successful metal works business from their home in Cape Town. Apart from being a determined athlete, Max is also a very competent engineer, designing industrial sized machinery for their business and elevating gadgets to overcome his disability. After seeing Max ride around the block at high speed in his self made racing chair, I honestly have no excuse to ever give up on life. Max and Vivienne’s optimistic attitude towards challenges is an inspiration to the people around them and myself.







Photos by Armand Hough



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