The 20min Exercise.

The idea was simple (or what I understood seeing that I could not attend the lecture where the briefing was given in). Take your camera and place yourself in an area around London where you will not be disturbed or feel anxious. Close your eyes for 20 minutes, visualise, meditate and get in the state of mind to not think about taking pictures, but to let your subconscious mind create the images… Open your eyes and start snapping.

My place of choice was Putney Heath. A dense forest vicinity close to my house, perfect for lengthy dog walks and horse riding. Several hours later I found myself still stalking squirrels and identifying attention grabbing leaves on the forest floor. For passersby’s I must have looked like a stoner searching for roach paper.

A man walking his poodle passed me stopped and asked if I needed any help getting out of that bush I was standing in. I replied “No, but thank you. I am following a moth”. I think I failed to achieve the point of the exercise, but I succeeded at having a good time doing it and I like the result of my photos.


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About I AM Photography

Born in sunny South Africa I am an adventure seeker with a taste for beauty and good pictures. I have been in the industry for a couple of years now and learned my tricks from the best.

One response to “The 20min Exercise.”

  1. Phil Weymouth says :

    Nice pics nature boy

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