Exile Bahrain

Exile is the state of being barred from your native country, typically for political or punitive reasons. A person who lives away from their home country, either because of choice or compulsion.

The Arab spring of 2011 has shown us rising death tolls in the region. With injuries, life disrupting situations for communities and the collapse of governments, life paths have been changed in dramatic ways for those seeking a better and fair life.

It was the start of the most violent era in Bahrain’s modern history. Waves of unrest swept through the Kingdom that was synchronized with the revolutionary unrest, fuelled by the Arab Spring. On the 14th of February pro democracy demonstrations brought the country’s economy almost to a standstill.

With help from Human Rights Watch and the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, I met with Bahraini citizens that fled their home country in fear of prosecution by their government. Their identities have been concealed for safety reasons.

These Bahrainis are fighting a distant battle but nonetheless a crucial one. The only way that their government will reform is from international pressure. They are able to live in a safe environment in the UK but it comes with a price. If the situation in Bahrain stays the same, they can never go home again.


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