On Tour with The Japanese Popstars


It’s on days like this that I feel rewarded for what I do. Today I hit the road with The Japanese Popstars to document one of their UK tours. The Japanese Popstars is a DJ duo from Ireland that has taken the club scene by storm for the past couple of years. Tonight we will stop off at Creamfields in Daresbury, Cheshire, Reading and Leeds after that. From there onwards I’m not sure but I will give updates as we go. Don’t really know what the story angle will be yet, but I’m definitely keeping an open mind. What I do know is that I’m all packed and ready to experience life on the road with modern musicians.

Updates to follow…


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Born in sunny South Africa I am an adventure seeker with a taste for beauty and good pictures. I have been in the industry for a couple of years now and learned my tricks from the best. www.iamfotografie.com

One response to “On Tour with The Japanese Popstars”

  1. RH says :

    Sterkte Armand, geniet dit.. PaMa

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