My Bafana Bafana

South Africa took a step closer to booking their place in the 2014 Fifa World Cup with an impressive 2-0 victory over the Central African Republic at Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium.


Welldone the boys. Siyaya e Brazil kana mini kana mini( no matter what).

Comment Submitted by: MadredzDate: 24 March 2013, Time: 04:56:35


Ndizani Bafana Bafana sekuseduze phambili.. Make us proud guys we ar behind u Mr G I

Comment Submitted by: phiso10Date: 23 March 2013, Time: 08:51:07


Win Win Win Win

Comment Submitted by: mawemuneDate: 23 March 2013, Time: 12:32:11


We love u Bafana

Comment Submitted by: masevhe85Date: 24 March 2013, Time: 07:04:18


Prove to yourselves you can do better.

Comment Submitted by: TrevorvanWykDate: 23 March 2013, Time: 09:35:50


Gudluck boys do us (nation) proud….

Comment Submitted by: ZolaGuluvaDate: 23 March 2013, Time: 09:06:57


I won’t waste my tym go watch Bafana Bazebra running like headless chicken with no goals

Comment Submitted by: sangomase2Date: 23 March 2013, Time: 06:04:54


I am still bitter as to why GI keeps overlooking our Jali,but I still support the national team with passion,by the end of the day it’s about mzansi & I’m proud to be part of it..

Comment Submitted by: KingwillieDate: 23 March 2013, Time: 07:07:11

As the Bafana fans sings Shosholoza, I realised what I have missed out on in nine years of working and studying abroad. I am very proudly South African today.

All comments were taken from the Bafana Bafana message board on (Photos by Armand Hough)


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