Pointes and Pirouettes

The first final round of The South African International Ballet Competition took place earlier this week at the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. This was the first time I got to shoot ballet. Come to think about it, it was the first time I ever went to see a ballet performance and I have to say that I found it surprisingly enjoyable. Especially if I have my cameras to keep me busy…

International Ballet Comp_IAM1204 International Ballet Comp_IAM1692 International Ballet Comp_IAM1852 International Ballet Comp_IAM1926 International Ballet Comp_IAM2000 International Ballet Comp_IAM1003 Cape Times 20140221


The combining contrast of subject and background puts the performers in a complementing light. The behind the scene warm-ups and preparation surrounding the stage gives the camera the opportunity to tell an insightful story. I just might have to attend the ballet more often.

Photos by Armand Hough


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Born in sunny South Africa I am an adventure seeker with a taste for beauty and good pictures. I have been in the industry for a couple of years now and learned my tricks from the best. www.iamfotografie.com

One response to “Pointes and Pirouettes”

  1. Phil Weymouth says :

    Great work, again.

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