Home Wreckers

Residents of Zilleraine Heights informal settlement near Grassy Park have complained of being held to ransom by the city of Cape Town, which demanded they demolish their shacks before they were given keys to free RDP houses. The residents were to be given formal houses during a housing handover at Pelican Park yesterday, but said the city ordered them to first demolish their shacks. Less than half of Zilleraine Heights residents started destroying their shacks as they chased the 3pm deadline which the city gave them. The majority of residents refused and said they had not been given any notice about destroying their shacks. Rachieda Matthews was one of many Zilleraine Heights residents told to destroy their shacks.

Rachieda Matthews Grassy Park Housing_IAM1968Grassy Park Housing_IAM2488Grassy Park Housing_IAM2016Grassy Park Housing_IAM1907Grassy Park Housing_IAM2538Brenden Greenfield Grassy Park Housing_IAM2289Grassy Park Housing_IAM2251

There is something dramatic and somewhat disturbing about someone tearing apart the roof over their head. The house that kept their children safe and dry. The scenes of destruction mirrored those of hit by hurricanes.

© Armand Hough


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