The Fight for Anarchy

Residents of Khayelitsha’s informal settlement in the Cape Flats protested against poor services, burnt rubble and tyres and blocked roads leading into the city yesterday, warning motorists that their cars would be stoned if they didn’t turn back. The residents chanted and sang Struggle songs as they gathered at the N2, Baden Powell Drive, Borcherds Quarry, and the R300. The police kept a close eye on the protesters, arresting four in connection with public violence.
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3724
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3637
Baden Powell Protests_IAM36412
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3676
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3607
Baden Powell Protests_IAM3653
As the sky filled up with black plumes of smoke, a woman rolled another tyre on the burning pile and said to me “Now, we will block all the roads going to the CBD until they grant us permission to march in the city. We will not give up. We’ll fight for our rights.”
Photos by Armand Hough

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