The New Iron Lady

As a proud South African citizen that recently returned home after working and traveling around the world for nine years, I am exited to take part in the 2014 National and Provincial Elections. Political parties and politicians are rallying throughout the nation as the time to harvest new votes are drawing to a close. During the past weeks I have been assigned by The Independent Newspapers to follow the premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille as she campaigns for the presidency on behalf of the Democratic Alliance.Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0711 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8597 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8534 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8276Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0443Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8219Helen Zille DA Bredasdorp_IAM4729Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM4056As a member of the media I would not like to disclose for who I will vote for but I urge all citizens that can vote on the 7th of May, to do so. South Africans have fought for many years to have a democratic government where all eligible countrymen can vote. Weather it was for gender, culture or racial rights, our forefathers have sacrificed their lives to give us the right to vote.Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM3968Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0900Helen Zille DA Bredasdorp_IAM4551Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM4384Helen Zille Cape Town_IAM7003Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0728Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0477A perfect political party does not exist, but it is our responsibility as free South Africans to find out which political party is the best for us and to vote for them. ~ Helen Zille


© Armand Hough


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Born in sunny South Africa I am an adventure seeker with a taste for beauty and good pictures. I have been in the industry for a couple of years now and learned my tricks from the best.

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