The South African Elections 2014

A poem by Paul Christie.


How many promises do you see In a South African election? How many lies do they televise In a South African election? Can I help but be confused Quite upset and feeling used Where were these guys when my lights were fused Did they think to pass by When the water ran dry In-between their fine elections.


How many parties do you know In our upcoming elections? If I put their names down neatly below Could you make all the connections? DA and ANC Inkatha and NFP PA, MF, UDM, APC There’s the FN, the VP And so many more to see In our national elections.


How many posters do you see In our country’s big election? Promising that if you just vote for me I will be your sole protection PAM, ACDP EFF and PAC FNLA and WSP Politicians on their knees Saying “hau wena please I kneel in genuflection”.

UWC IEC Elections 2014_IAM3974

How many parties, do UC That avoided my detection? I’ll tell you now, between you and me I am filled with deep dejection APO, UCDP KGM and AIC, So many parties, so keen to be In our parliament, for A little stint Taking each its own direction.

Courtney Sampson IEC Results Centre_IAM3821

With voting so fractured, it’s easy to see Of common-sense, there is rejection How can you have strong democracy When it gets a vivisection? With AGANG like this it cannot COPE, All these promises of hope Of a better future for you and me But it doesn’t help a bit with The numbers so split In a national defection.

Patricia de Lille IEC Results Centre_IAM4000Marius Fransman IEC Results Centre IEC Results Centre_IAM4047

How do you hold your rulers to account When there’s no strong opposition? How do you hold back challenges they mount As they grow in their ambition? They love this multi-party shtick A dozen more will do the trick Ensuring their position for evermore So between you and me It’s easy to see Why they love our wide selection.

Nazier Paulsen IEC Results Centre_IAM4134 Grant Haskin IEC Results Centre_IAM4299

For all of those voters ready to vote I have but one suggestion A strong opposition keeps democracy afloat When it always asks the question: Do you respect the bill of rights? Is there parliamentary oversight? And judicial independence too? Between elections do you care? Are you constitutionally aware? Do the people come first in everything you do?

Sleepers IEC Results Centre_IAM4389

If we can get this one thing right And forget about black and white We can have our resurrection too…

© Photos by Armand Hough


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