Come Hell or High Water

Squalo is one of the newest informal settlements on the Cape Flats and is situated in the dugout of a landfill site next to Mitchell’s Plain. Squalo is also one of the poorest settlements with no RDP (Reconstruction and Development Program) housing and no permanent or legal building structures.

Squalo FloodsIAM_8582Squalo FloodsIAM_8562 Squalo FloodsIAM_8743

Due to the geographical layout of the landscape, Squalo is very susceptible to flooding during torrential rains.

Squalo FloodsIAM_8525 Squalo FloodsIAM_8533 Squalo FloodsIAM_8270Khayelitsha Floods_IAM8786

During every year’s rainy season that the Cape of Storms launches towards its inhabitants, disaster management teams in the southern Cape and Klein Karoo have their hands full evacuating thousands of people trapped in flooded homes. Motorists also feel the brute force of mother nature when mudslides collapse mountain passes and storm drains fails.

Squalo Flooding_IAM5369 Squalo Flooding_IAM5134

During my last visit to the area, I encountered an unexpected few smiling faces. Amongst the tragedy and heartaches, a couple of children found amusement in playing in the flooded pathways.

Squalo Flooding_IAM5102 Squalo Flooding_IAM5377 Squalo Flooding_IAM5060

Then a boy pointed to a rainbow that hung bright with beautiful colours in the sky and speechless the people looked at the marvel from the hand of God in these unforgiving times.

© Photos by Armand Hough


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