Meeting Willy Mason

About ten years ago I was living and working in London as a van driver. It was a time in my life rich with nomadic friends and soulful music. During this period I grew fond of instrumental music as most of our social gatherings involved live music.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4153

At one such get-together, I noticed a song that played softly in the ambient background on the VH1 music channel. The track was called “Oxygen” for a young American Artist named Willy Mason. As quick as that I was hooked and began to follow his career.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4164

For the past two nights, the singer-songwriter from New York, serenaded music lovers at a secret soirée in Cape Town.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4183

The location? A living room in Oranjezicht.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4214

Renowned for selling out stadiums and performing in front of thousands of fans, the 29-year-old decided to take on a more intimate setting when he performed in front of only 60 people at a house concert in Oranjezicht.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4093

“The audience really had time to bond with him more than if they were among a crowd of thousands of people,” Gerhard Maree, event organiser said yesterday. House concerts, not a new concept, have only just started to take off in South Africa, Maree said.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4273

Maree and his team run City Soirée, a platform which facilitates artists and fans to organise and host events.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4284

“It’s a lot like a house party – you can’t compare it to a large scale concert at all. The time one has with the artist is very exclusive. Sipping your glass of wine or juice, one gets to internalise every second,” Maree said.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4322

Mason and US rock band Rival Sons performed for the first time in South Africa, at the OppiKoppi music festival earlier this month.

© Photos by Armand Hough


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