Meeting Willy Mason

About ten years ago I was living and working in London as a van driver. It was a time in my life rich with nomadic friends and soulful music. During this period I grew fond of instrumental music as most of our social gatherings involved live music.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4153

At one such get-together, I noticed a song that played softly in the ambient background on the VH1 music channel. The track was called “Oxygen” for a young American Artist named Willy Mason. As quick as that I was hooked and began to follow his career.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4164

For the past two nights, the singer-songwriter from New York, serenaded music lovers at a secret soirée in Cape Town.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4183

The location? A living room in Oranjezicht.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4214

Renowned for selling out stadiums and performing in front of thousands of fans, the 29-year-old decided to take on a more intimate setting when he performed in front of only 60 people at a house concert in Oranjezicht.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4093

“The audience really had time to bond with him more than if they were among a crowd of thousands of people,” Gerhard Maree, event organiser said yesterday. House concerts, not a new concept, have only just started to take off in South Africa, Maree said.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4273

Maree and his team run City Soirée, a platform which facilitates artists and fans to organise and host events.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4284

“It’s a lot like a house party – you can’t compare it to a large scale concert at all. The time one has with the artist is very exclusive. Sipping your glass of wine or juice, one gets to internalise every second,” Maree said.

Willy Mason City Soiree_IAM4322

Mason and US rock band Rival Sons performed for the first time in South Africa, at the OppiKoppi music festival earlier this month.

© Photos by Armand Hough


Langa in Ruins

Langa Protest_IAM8014

Langa is one of the many areas in South Africa that were designated for Black Africans before the apartheid era. It is the oldest of such suburbs in Cape Town and was the location of much resistance to apartheid.

Langa Protest_IAM8302

On the morning of July the 9th, residence of Langa staged a sit in when they obstructed all roads in and out of the township and prohibited their fellow residence from going to work by stoning their cars.

Langa Protest_IAM8390

While it was originally dubbed a housing protest, it morphed throughout the day, with some residents chanting for the victims of the Marikana “massacre”, others for better living conditions.

Langa Protest_IAM8538

The township was essentially shut down by an angry mob that ran through the streets, looting shops and lighting fires. Myself and four other photographers from various agencies were escorted into the township beyond police lines by a respected community leader.

Langa Protest_IAM8562

We followed a group of several hundred to a thousand protesters from the centre of the township towards the taxi rank as they burned, looted and vandalised the main road. As the crowd became more violent, the police’s tactical response unit moved in to disperse the protest with rubber bullets and stun grenades. Moments later a local lady and her two dogs walked across the road to lock the steel gates of the convenient store that she was managing. A large rock was thrown towards her from the looting protesters to what she unexpectedly responded to by pulling a chrome 9mm pistol that was concealed from her waist and pointed it franticly at the crowd.

Langa Protest_IAM8616

The initial reaction of the protesters was to “duck and cover” but soon turned more merciless as she was pelted with rocks and glass bottles from all direction, one of which connected with one of her dogs that was devotedly barking at her attackers.

Langa Protest_IAM8621

She was chased for a while towards her house but escaped without any serious injury I was told.

Langa Protest_IAM8849

The looting of stores continued and the protesters became more destructive as they started to target vehicles and shops of foreign business owners.

Langa Protest_IAM9024

Shops, barricades and vehicles were burning out of control after all emergency services were kept away from the township for their own safety. There was a “mob mentality” feeling amongst the crowd and the eerie sound of the burning car’s horn that somehow got jammed and squealed in the distance between the constant thuds of stun grenades.

Langa Protest_IAM9073

The aftermath was that of a warzone.

Langa Protest_IAM9081

It didn’t take too long for police to move in and stabilize the situation to a certain extent. That gave a Somali shop owner the time to assess the damage to his store. Charles Quethu 35 lost everything in his store and two vehicles that were damaged beyond repair. He was crying when I left him.

© Photos by Armand Hough

A Cold Photo Essay

Every once in a while I get to shoot something other than the usual murder, politics and mayhem. The first “real” snow of the year covered the Western Cape mountain regions as if it was Christmas in Lapland. Well for this boy from sunny Africa who use to get exited when I helped my mother scrape off the ice out of our freezer, it was a winter wonderland.

Sunset Matroosberg Snow_IAM9486Matroosberg Snow_IAM9162Matroosberg Snow_IAM9331Matroosberg Snow_IAM9273Matroosberg Snow_IAM9373Matroosberg Snow_IAM9209Sunset Matroosberg Snow_IAM9452

After my initial track up the mountain trails to find people playing in the snow, the clouds opened up towards the Alp like peaks in the back and I was treated to a view that took my breath away. I wondered around the farms and found this frozen bath tub that was used as a watering hole for livestock. Not a very newsworthy image from an editors point of view but from a photographic perspective, this was my photo of the day.


©Photos by Armand Hough

“We demand better free housing!”

Residence of Ocean View in Cape Town, protested yesterday with burning tyres and stone throwing in the streets surrounding the Mountain View government housing building site.

Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8004ocean-view-service-delivery-protest_iam8209

The SAPS and Metro Police was standing by to calm the situation with none lethal force.

Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8101 Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8109

Construction workers from the government housing development were trapped inside and barricaded themselves inside in fear of their own safety.

Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8125 David Jacobs Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8177

The Ocean View protesters continued blocking roads and burning rubble till late last night. In most service delivery and political protests, there are serious issues that needs to be addressed from authorities and members of the community and each situation has two side that needs to be acknowledged.

Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8011 Ocean View Service Delivery Protest_IAM8361

Unfortunately too much time is wasted by “hard liners” that think they can resolve issues with violence and disturbing public order. In this specific protest, I witnessed people that can not be better described as gangster and drug addicts, hijack a protest that might have had valid grounds and deserved public attention. But the Ocean View demonstration remains without status.

©Photos by Armand Hough

Article in GroundUp:

Come Hell or High Water

Squalo is one of the newest informal settlements on the Cape Flats and is situated in the dugout of a landfill site next to Mitchell’s Plain. Squalo is also one of the poorest settlements with no RDP (Reconstruction and Development Program) housing and no permanent or legal building structures.

Squalo FloodsIAM_8582Squalo FloodsIAM_8562 Squalo FloodsIAM_8743

Due to the geographical layout of the landscape, Squalo is very susceptible to flooding during torrential rains.

Squalo FloodsIAM_8525 Squalo FloodsIAM_8533 Squalo FloodsIAM_8270Khayelitsha Floods_IAM8786

During every year’s rainy season that the Cape of Storms launches towards its inhabitants, disaster management teams in the southern Cape and Klein Karoo have their hands full evacuating thousands of people trapped in flooded homes. Motorists also feel the brute force of mother nature when mudslides collapse mountain passes and storm drains fails.

Squalo Flooding_IAM5369 Squalo Flooding_IAM5134

During my last visit to the area, I encountered an unexpected few smiling faces. Amongst the tragedy and heartaches, a couple of children found amusement in playing in the flooded pathways.

Squalo Flooding_IAM5102 Squalo Flooding_IAM5377 Squalo Flooding_IAM5060

Then a boy pointed to a rainbow that hung bright with beautiful colours in the sky and speechless the people looked at the marvel from the hand of God in these unforgiving times.

© Photos by Armand Hough

The South African Elections 2014

A poem by Paul Christie.


How many promises do you see In a South African election? How many lies do they televise In a South African election? Can I help but be confused Quite upset and feeling used Where were these guys when my lights were fused Did they think to pass by When the water ran dry In-between their fine elections.


How many parties do you know In our upcoming elections? If I put their names down neatly below Could you make all the connections? DA and ANC Inkatha and NFP PA, MF, UDM, APC There’s the FN, the VP And so many more to see In our national elections.


How many posters do you see In our country’s big election? Promising that if you just vote for me I will be your sole protection PAM, ACDP EFF and PAC FNLA and WSP Politicians on their knees Saying “hau wena please I kneel in genuflection”.

UWC IEC Elections 2014_IAM3974

How many parties, do UC That avoided my detection? I’ll tell you now, between you and me I am filled with deep dejection APO, UCDP KGM and AIC, So many parties, so keen to be In our parliament, for A little stint Taking each its own direction.

Courtney Sampson IEC Results Centre_IAM3821

With voting so fractured, it’s easy to see Of common-sense, there is rejection How can you have strong democracy When it gets a vivisection? With AGANG like this it cannot COPE, All these promises of hope Of a better future for you and me But it doesn’t help a bit with The numbers so split In a national defection.

Patricia de Lille IEC Results Centre_IAM4000Marius Fransman IEC Results Centre IEC Results Centre_IAM4047

How do you hold your rulers to account When there’s no strong opposition? How do you hold back challenges they mount As they grow in their ambition? They love this multi-party shtick A dozen more will do the trick Ensuring their position for evermore So between you and me It’s easy to see Why they love our wide selection.

Nazier Paulsen IEC Results Centre_IAM4134 Grant Haskin IEC Results Centre_IAM4299

For all of those voters ready to vote I have but one suggestion A strong opposition keeps democracy afloat When it always asks the question: Do you respect the bill of rights? Is there parliamentary oversight? And judicial independence too? Between elections do you care? Are you constitutionally aware? Do the people come first in everything you do?

Sleepers IEC Results Centre_IAM4389

If we can get this one thing right And forget about black and white We can have our resurrection too…

© Photos by Armand Hough

The New Iron Lady

As a proud South African citizen that recently returned home after working and traveling around the world for nine years, I am exited to take part in the 2014 National and Provincial Elections. Political parties and politicians are rallying throughout the nation as the time to harvest new votes are drawing to a close. During the past weeks I have been assigned by The Independent Newspapers to follow the premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille as she campaigns for the presidency on behalf of the Democratic Alliance.Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0711 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8597 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8534 Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8276Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0443Helen Zille DA Atlantis_IAM8219Helen Zille DA Bredasdorp_IAM4729Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM4056As a member of the media I would not like to disclose for who I will vote for but I urge all citizens that can vote on the 7th of May, to do so. South Africans have fought for many years to have a democratic government where all eligible countrymen can vote. Weather it was for gender, culture or racial rights, our forefathers have sacrificed their lives to give us the right to vote.Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM3968Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0900Helen Zille DA Bredasdorp_IAM4551Helen Zille DA Hout Bay_IAM4384Helen Zille Cape Town_IAM7003Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0728Helen Zille DA Boland_IAM0477A perfect political party does not exist, but it is our responsibility as free South Africans to find out which political party is the best for us and to vote for them. ~ Helen Zille


© Armand Hough